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Visitor Program


  • Yi Zeng (International WIC Institute, Beijing University of Technology, WICI ), One month (May-June 2009), Granular Reasoning, Local Contact Person: Zhisheng
  • Jun Fang (Northwestern University, China) One year (August 2009 - August 2010), Web Scale Reasoning, Local Contact Person:Zhisheng
  • Lael Schooler (Max Planck Institute Berlin, MPG), Two weeks, End of Oct., 2009, Local contact Person: Gaston
  • Florian Fischer (Univ. Innsbruck ), One month (November 2009), Rule-based reasoning with approximate methods, Local contact person: Annette
  • Axel Tenschert (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)), (May 4-May 17, 2009), Parallel reasoning, Local Contact Person:Eyal
  • Hansjoerg Neth (MPG), two weeks in 2010.


  • Martijn Brakenhoff will visit MPG for six months (April-September 2009)
  • Gaston Tagni will visit MPG for one month(?) in 2009.
  • Zhisheng Huang will visit WICI for one month in 2010 on Web Scale Reasoning
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