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Each second Monday, there is a SW research discussion meeting. The aim of this meeting series is to have a forum to discuss research issues related to the semantic web. The meetings are not meant to give uni-directional presentations.

Contact Victor or Ali to add a topic of your interest to one of the upcoming meetings.


all meetings start at 12:00 sharp

Date Room Topic Chair Etherpad / Slides
7/9/2015 Intertain Lab SW Education and upcoming topics Stefan and Victor
21/9/2015 Intertain Lab SlideWiki project + WWW paper pitches Ali + (Wouter, Niels, Ali, ?)
5/10/2015 Intertain Lab Project acquisition strategy and practices Stefan, Lora, ... Project_funding_schemes (from [1])
19/10/2015 Intertain Lab ISWC and KCAP recap Tobias and Martine (?)
2/11/2015 Intertain Lab
16/11/2015 Intertain Lab
30/11/2015 Intertain Lab
14/12/2015 Intertain Lab
28/12/2015 Intertain Lab

Possible topics

Tools demo 2
Project updates 2
Project writing. What kind of projects do we want (ch: Stefan) / funding
Life after your PhD 
Valorization of Science (... Laurens, Bert)
Paper and idea pitches (WWW, ISWC?)
Semantic Web News
Semantic Web teaching / Msc students / crash course
Dataset presentations (Chris, Wouter, OPF, ...)
Controlled Natural Languages

Previous meetings

Date Room Topic Chair Etherpad / Slides
23/2/2015 Intertain Lab Paper pitches (discuss your paper for ISWC or other conference) Victor and Wouter
9/3/2015 Intertain Lab Project updates and paper pitches (see etherpad) Victor and Wouter
23/3/2015 Intertain Lab Geo-Semantics Xander, Al, Spinlab Image:Geo Semantic v5.pdf
6/4/2015 Easter
20/4/2015 SW outing (no meeting)
4/5/2015 Intertain Lab Swish (a SPARQL alternative?) Jan Image:ClioPatria-SWISH.pdf
18/5/2015 Intertain Lab Academic evaluations (Frank van der Most) Martine
1/6/2015 Intertain Lab
15/6/2015 Intertain Lab ESWC trip report Victor, Dena, Hamid, Anca
29/6/2015 Intertain Lab Our tools Wouter
27/1/2014 Intertain Lab [SW in History 1]: the history of KR + paper pitches (AAAI?) Rinke
10/2/2014 Intertain Lab [SW in History 2]: CommonKADS + paper pitches Guus Slides:Image:14-ck-perspective.pdf
24/2/2014 Intertain Lab RDF 1.1: specs and implementation + paper pitches Guus and Jan Slides Jan:Image:Rdf-mt.pdf
10/3/2014 Intertain Lab [SW in History 3]: the history of KR/AI + paper pitches Frank
24/3/2014 (extra meeting) tbd Horizon 2020 Leo Klomp (VU Subsidiedesk)
31/3/2014 tbd tbd tbd
2013 and older
2/12/2013 Intertain Lab China Trip reports Frank and Zhisheng
18/11/2013 Intertain Lab Semantic Web Outing and Papers in Progress Victor
4/11/2013 Intertain Lab ISWC Trip report Paul
Semweb in China trip report Frank and Zhisheng
9/9/2013 No SW Meeting
23/9/2013 Intertain Lab From GOFAI to SW to GOFAI Jacopo Urbani and Wouter Beek
7/10/2013 Intertain Lab Dereferencable URIs (?)
21/10/2013 Intertain Lab TBD
10/9/2012 Intertain Lab
24/9/2012 Intertain Lab Wouter van Atteveldt: Detecting Semantic Roles from Syntax Graphs using RDF
8/10/2012 Intertain Lab Project Updates
22/10/2012 Intertain Lab Pitch Proposal ideas + if there is time brainstorm about Semantic Web Outing 2013
5/11/2012 Intertain Lab ISWC Test talks (Laurens & Szymon)
19/11/2012 Intertain Lab ESWC & K-CAP paper idea pitches
3/12/2012 Intertain Lab Cancelled (Anna's PhD defence)
17/12/2012 Intertain Lab Cancelled
14/1/2013 Intertain Lab Project Updates or WebSci/K-Cap papers?
28/1/2013 Intertain Lab Sugar and the XOs (note: this meeting will start at 15:00!) Christophe
11/2/2013 Intertain Lab Version management Jan Wielemaker
25/2/2013 Intertain Lab Quality Control and Reproducability Ruud Stegers
11/3/2013 Intertain Lab ISWC 2013 paper ideas: Laurens Rietveld, Sever Fundatureanu Wouter Beek
25/3/2013 Intertain Lab
8/4/2013 Intertain Lab Discuss the outing Outing committee
22/4/2013 Intertain Lab Ethics/Integrity "Today's semweb meeting is about scientific integrity. I have prepared an interactive session with special focus on every day situations and the decisions we make as individuals." Martine
12 September 2011 Intertain lab 10 Years of Semantic Web research: Searching for universal patterns Frank
26 September 2011 Intertain lab Discussion Hans
10 October 2011 Intertain lab Trip report Sugar Camp #2 Christophe
24 October 2011 Intertain lab Cancelled because of ISWC
7 November 2011 Intertain lab How to Boost our Research
21 November 2011 Intertain lab Marketing Research Marieke
5 December 2011 Intertain lab
19 December 2011 Intertain lab Feedback on the VOICES/W4RA project (with a movie!) Anna / Hans
16 January 2012 Intertain lab 2012 SW Outing
30 January 2012 Intertain lab Paper ideas
13 February 2012 Intertain lab Proposals
27 Feb 2012 Intertain lab Exchange ideas on supervision Master's students Valentina
12 March 2012 Intertain lab Ph.D. Proposals Martine
26 March 2012 Intertain lab Proposals
23 April 2012 Intertain lab EKAW Papers -> send round the paper drafts, next time two weeks in advance
7 May 2012 Intertain lab Making Questionnaires/Evaluation Plan Laurens
21 May 2012 Intertain lab ISWC abstracts
4 June 2012 Intertain lab Quick Project Updates (no slides)
18 June 2012 Intertain lab Barbecue/Drinks
January 17, 2011 S607 Project: LOD Around The Clock (LATC) Christophe Guéret
January 31, 2011 S631 Free discussion
February 14, 2011 P631 Discussion about provenance and OPMV Jacco / Paul
February 28, 2011 S631 Free discussion
March 28, 2011 S631 RDF 2.0 Guus
April 11, 2011 S631 How was the uitje? Kathrin
May 9, 2011 S631 Project: Poseidon Willem
May 23, 2011 P640 Knowledge and Innovation Agenda van de Economic Development Board Hans Akkermans
June 6, 2011 S607 Project: K-Cap Test Talks Anna Tordai and Riste Gligorov
July 11, 2011 S624 Frank / Dan

Possible Topics

topics without a date

  • What can/should we do while more and more datasets are being rdf-ised and linked?
  • Facebook goes RDFa (Dan Brickley)
  • Pragmatic Semantics (Stefan Schlobach)
  • How open is the Dutch Open Data initiative? (Chris van Aart)
  • How mobile is the Mobile Semantic Web? (Chris van Aart)
  • How to semantisize the new website of the Network Institute (Michel Klein)

Past topics

  • 22-nov-10: (WN-M623) ISWC2010 trip report
  • 11-oct-10: (WN-F674) Outing
  • 13-sep-10: (HG-02A06) Wikyoto - (Francesco Ronzano)
  • 30-aug-10: (WN-M639) Triplification tasks, why start and when to stop? (Rinke, Christophe, ...)
  • 21-jun-10: (WN-C648) RDF/NextStep workshop (Guus Schreiber )
  • 07-jun-10: (WN-C648) ESWC2010 trip report
  • 29-mar-10: (WN-F654) NCBO (Christophe Guéret)
  • 15-mar-10: (WN-F654) Web-mining with LOD (Krisztian Balog)
  • 15-fev-10: (WN-F654) Kyoto project (Piek Vossen)
  • 01-fev-10: (WN-F654) Concept drift (Stefan & Shenghui)
  • 18-jan-10: (C638) Semantic Commitment (Frank)
  • 7-dec-09: Ontology-Driven Information Systems: Past, Present and Future (Michael Uschold)
  • 23-nov-09: NIfty Features of OWL 2 (Rinke Hoekstra)
  • 26-okt-09: Semantics in the food lab (Jan Top)
  • 12-okt-09: Narrative-Based Video Authoring for Casual Users (Dick Bulterman)
  • 28-sep-09: Roles of Semantic Components in Software Engineering (Amrita IITK)
  • 22-jun-09: Vocabulary maintenance and versioning (Ronald Siebes)
  • 8-jun-09: Geospatial en temporal reasoning (Willem van Hage)
  • 25-mei-09 (F640): Semantic Web Reasoning by Swarm Intelligence (Kathrin Dentler)
  • 11-mei-09: Designing an Event Model (Veronique Malaise)
  • 27-apr-09: Identity problem (Stefano Bocconi)
  • 13-apr-09: Easter
  • 30-mrt-09: Christophe Guéret, Ruud Stegers : How to publish semantic data
  • 2-feb-09: Restrictions posed by funding agencies (Frank van Harmelen)
  • 19-jan-09: Willem's PhD ceremony
  • 5-jan-09: OWL2 (Frank van Harmelen)
  • 24-nov-08: How do we tell it to the Common Man/Woman (Frank van Harmelen)
  • 10-nov-08: ISWC trip-report
  • 13-okt-08 (P0.20!) Toby Burrows: Using digital tools to build a research community in the humanities
  • 29-sep-08: Mark van Assem: Network Analysis for Ontology Quality Assessment & Feedback
  • 15-sep-08: Stefano Bocconi: Discussion about possible student project
  • 1-sep-08: Anita de Waard (colleague of Stefano on OKKAM): An Ontology of Doubt? Seven Questions in semantic Science Publishing
  • 18-aug-08: Guus, Lora, Jacco: Two new IPs: NoTube (integration of TV and Web with help of semantics) and PrestoPrime (semantic annotation of TV archives) In addition, Jacco will dicuss the new server.

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