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This page is saved from [1] which reflect the notes of the SEMANTIC WEB MEETING 5-Oct-2015: "Project acquisition strategy and practices"



  • Leo Klomp (grants desk) gave a presentation at the PDUD lunches some months ago:


  • 1st pillar: FET (crazy ideas), ERC personal grants, Marie Curie
  • 2nd pillar: Industrial leadership: ICT related calls (eg. ICT-16-2017 Big Data PPP)
  • 3rd pillar: Societal Challenges (Health, Security,...)

Look at specific call detail for what EU wants. Specifically Type of Action:

  • Research and Innovation Action (RIA)
  • Innovation Action (IA)
  • Coordination and Support Acion (CSA)
Q: "Can I apply for H2020 as a researcher/post-doc/phd"
A: "Yes, but it will cost a lot of effort (partners,...), so be involved but dont lead
A: "Look at ERC and the Marie Curie for opportunities" Typically: Marie Curie fellowships: Individual Fellowships  (IF) & ERC Starting Grants
A: "Also look at FET because the writing process is less demanding"

Frank was in ERC Starting grant selection panel, so feel free to approach him for tips and tricks


  • Programmagebonden
  • Persoonsgebonden (Rubicon, VENI, VIDI, VICI)

Serious candidates for a VENI grant, with a deadline at the first week of January 2016, who would like to join a grant writing workshop given by the external coach Louise Mennen. For this workshop please fill in the form “workshop grant writing Veni”: The internal contact for e.g. a CV scan or tips & tricks for the NWO personal grants is Henri Bal (and Guszti Eiben). Outdated: Serious candidates for a VIDI grant, with a deadline at the 1st of October 2015, who would like to join an advisory session with relevant researchers, three weeks before the deadline. A short email to is sufficient to be able to join this advisory session. Davide followed the VU VENI workshop (2 days). NWO bi-lateral research with UK, Japan, etc NWO smaller grants for workshop organizing, travel grants

Open Competition no longer exist.but there is now the TOP segment 2, which is aimed at starting/mid-career researchers.


Part of NWO (technology)

  • Open Technology programma (~30% acceptance rate in 2011)
  • Perspectief programma

"Topsectoren" can be found at

  • Topsector Tuinbouw en uitgangsmaterialen
  • Topsector Agri & Food
  • Topsector Water
  • Topsector Life sciences & Health
  • Topsector Chemie
  • Topsector High tech
  • Topsector Energie
  • Topsector Logistiek
  • Topsector Creatieve industrie


  • COMMIT valorisation call
  • zwaluwstaarten: synergy with other COMMIT partners (link to topsectoren)
  • Escience center: Calls for larger and smaller projects, often includes scientific engineers
  • ESA? Netherlands Space Office
  • Bi/multilateral programmes Digging into Data
  • Network Institute (especially good for learning to write proposals)
  • Amsterdam Data Science (especially good for learning to write proposals)

US Foundations for small development projects

Contract research

Might be interesting

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